Why is spending time with your child important for a dad?

Are you finding it hard to find time for quality one-on-one time with your child?

You´re hardly the only one out there.

Life is all about priorities.

These days, most people have so much stealing their attention.

I´m gonna try to explain why I think it´s important to make your child a priority.

Only important for mothers?

We all know the importance of the mothers for the kids.

But what about all the dads out there?

In fact, research has shown that it´s important for both parents to bond with their child.

“Setting aside time to play with your child helps forge bonds and strong foundations for future conversations on the bigger topics. This one-on-one focused time communicates to a child that they matter to you.”

Collet Smart, registered psychologist

Collet proceeds to claim that the father’s engagement will help increase stuff like self-confidence and willingness to step out of the comfort zone.

One of my main goals as a dad is to try and be the best role model I can be.

What better way than showing my child that he/she matters a lot to me?

How much time?

Is there a right or wrong answer to this question?

I don´t know.

But I don´t think there is.

However, if it´s important, I know YOU will make time for it.

Like everything in life, it comes with daily challenges.

My believe is, if you do your best every day in making an effort, you have come a little bit closer.

Rather than being absent during the week, and then try to make up for it and do everything in one day.


Say for example that you, as a dad will make an effort to be present with your child for only one or maybe two days every week.

It´s better than nothing, of course.

But you will still have FIVE DAYS, EVERY WEEK when you´re not a present dad.

That´s 260 days in one year.

That´s 2600 days by the time your child is 10 years old.

Or, if you will, a total of approximately seven years.

70 % of the time your child needs you.

Maybe work is the most important thing for you.

But the time with your child will not come back again whenever it suits you.

It´s time to make the time with your child a priority!

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