How to find the balance between work and family as a dad

The modern day family looks a lot different nowadays compared to what it did when my parents grew up.

It was just a given that the mom stayed home, while the dad supported the family financially.

In many ways I am lucky to live in Sweden.

For example the parents in Sweden have the opportunity to stay home until their kid is 18 months old.

In comparison the same numbers in the US are 3 months.

Research shows the importance also for the father to bond with a newborn child.

But also improving the health for the mom.

In todays digital age, a lot can be done in front of the computer.

Some workplaces even provides new dads with extra days working from home.

Do you wish that opportunity for yourself?

Or even better…

Being your own boss

What if you actually didn´t have to ask your boss to work from home?

Personally, after starting working for myself, I could never go back.

Back to a time where I was trading time for money.

To a time where I always had to be locationbound.

Where I couldn´t choose for myself at what time I could work.

Balancing work with family life can be challenging at times.

Coming home from your 9 to 5 job, maybe not with the greatest of energy, and try to contribute to the family.

Taking your work home with you, which makes it harder to focus here and now.

So, how can you make sure to find the balance between work and family?


Having a clear structure on how the upcoming day will look like will probably increase your chances of making sure you set up time for family.

Making sure you know what´s a priority and what is not, so you make better decisions.

Saying no to work, cause it´s not always the most important thing in life.

Time with your kids you´re not gonna get back later.

Make the most of the time you have been given!

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