Geographical freedom – the power of not being restricted

Geography and freedom. Two of my absolute favorite words. What you get when you combine the two? In my opinion, something great that a lot of people strives for but unfortunately don´t have.

Definition of geographical freedom

Basically, geographical freedom is the concept of not being tied to one place. It is what gives you the possibility to work from where you want.

It also allows you to work whenever you want, with whoever you want without being restricted to a location-based income.

Why can´t you be where you want to be?

For almost anyone, the answer to this will be their work. You wanna travel somewhere? Ask your boss for permission to take a vacation.

Want to visit your family? Ask the boss.

But what if that doesn´t have to be the case?

Life as a parent

Nowadays, more than ever, families are spread out geographically.

Maybe within the country you live in, or maybe you have family living in other countries than yourself.

Let me guess… Work is limiting you from seeing your loved ones as much as you want to?

Last month, I FINALLY got to bring my daughter to see her great grandpa who is 81 years of age.

Not having the freedom that comes with being you own boss, I probably would have been limited due to work.

Having a laptop and wifi allowed me the opportunity not having to be stuck to a location to be able to work.

It also gave me the opportunity to take a day off to spend quality time with my family. Once again, it´s up to me and what I wanted.


Some day, hopefully sooner than later, this epidemic is going to be over. Life will go back to some sort of normality, borders will open up and we will be able to travel like we once did.

If you want to take MAXIMAL advantage of this, it´s time to take action!

Don´t let work restrict what you can and can´t do!

Or where wou want to be.

Whenever you want to be there.

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