Fatherhood – reflections on the journey of becoming a dad

At least one hour each day, I make sure I get the time to go out for a walk. One of the highlights of the day for me.

Breathe in fresh air, get some new energy. Most of the times I take our daughter out in the stroller and just as it starts rolling, she will fall asleep.

This is when I get some time for reflection. Sometimes I will listen to some music. But, the majority of the time I will listen to some podcasts.

Becoming a dad

One of the more recent ones I started listening to is called Renegades, Born in the USA.

As you can probably guess, one of the creators behind the podcast is legendary musician Bruce Springsteen.

Alongside him is former president of the United States, Barack Obama.

They will sit down together, discussing topics of everyday life that most people can relate to.

Yesterday, taking a walk I was listening to two of the world’s most powerful men, discussing fatherhood like any other people in the world.


Famous people tend to be perceived as superhumans without a problem or worry in the world. Couldn´t be more wrong.

Hearing their journeys before, during, and after becoming dad´s, it´s like listening to yourself and it gets quite emotional.

The memories come back like it was yesterday.

That day you find out that your loved one is pregnant.

The day you hear the heartbeats for the first time.

And the day that the baby finally comes.

All of that.

Doubts and fears

Succesful people like Bruce Springsteen, describing his fear of not spending enough time with his kids.

His journey from being the kind of dad that “didn´t want to be disturbed”, to always taking time and putting work aside whenever his kid´s came knocking on the door to his studio.

Having achieved some sort of success, as he describes it himself, he was also in a position where he could work from wherever and whenever he wanted to.

More or less.

He is not only called “The Boss”. He also is his own boss. That comes with both responsibility, but an amount of freedom that can be beneficial.

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