Driven by internal or external motivation

Per definition, motivation is what drives us to do certain actions and what really drives us towards our goals.

What drives us can be different things.

And in the long run, it tends to be clear what that is.

In sports for example, motivation is a daily topic for conversation.

This boy looks motivated.

That girl has no motivation to be good.

Looks like that man has lost his motivation to play.

Etc, etc.

Internal motivation

What comes from within and is in your own control is refered to as internal motivation.

It is your own inner motivation, willpower and process-oriented mindset that affects how much you want it.

Whenever you do something, because YOU want it and nobody else.

The actions you take without considering external factors.

Photo by Cristofer Jeschke on Unsplash

External factors

Unlike internal factors, people who are driven by external factors are driven by something that is beyond what they can affect themselves.

A couple of examples:

  • Playing basketball, cause that´s what my dad wants me to do.
  • Working as a lawyer, because it pays good and gives me a certain status.
  • Starting going to the gym, cause that will make me look better.

This something that people usually don´t want to do.

Still they do it, in most cases for a reward or because they don´t have a choice.

What is your motivation?

Most people like to be in control, right?

In control of their own destiny, decisions and life.

It´s never too late to make a change towards that direction.

There are a few things that drives me to do this:

  • Being my own boss
  • Freedom of time
  • Geographical freedom

Of course there is a sense of freedom also considering your financial situation, if succesful.

But all that comes from remembering WHY you started.

Being driven by outside sources and external factors only, will most likely make you fail.

In whatever you do in life.

Finding true passion in life and doing what excites you is so much more powerful.

All that remains to be answered is the following:

Are you motivated where you are now? Or is there SOMETHING MORE that you desire?

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