Afraid of not spending enough time with your kids

Next week it will be 6 months since the happiest day in my life.

I can guarantee that if you have been there, you know what excactly I´m talking about.

The excitement, the waiting, the nervous hours before you finally get to welcome your own child to the world.

But what happens next?

Traditionally for a dad, you might get a few days or a couple of weeks at home with the family and then it´s straight back to work.

Dare to create a better future

After spending two glorious weeks with the family, while trying to adjust to the new role as a dad it was time for me to get back to work.

At this time I was working two part-time jobs. One of them working night shifts 11 pm til 6.30 am. Getting home just in time for our baby girl to wake up, whilst I went to sleep. Then I might have an hour or two before getting ready for my next job, working evenings.

These first couple of months as a parent was hard, because I just didn´t feel like I was present enough.

What I often I heard from other parents, and still do and probably will keep hearing is this:

“Make sure that you cherish those first years, cause they will never come back to you”

Wisely enough, I should listen to people who know about this, right? Most of these people now have kids who are around 20 years old. Meaning that they are around 40-50 years old themselves and didn´t spend that much time with their kids and now regret that later in life.

Thankfully, in todays digital world there are possibilites that didn´t exist 20 years ago.

We now live in a world where there is fully possible to do this:

  • Get out of the 9 to 5
  • Be your own boss
  • Work whenever you want
  • Work from wherever you want
  • Not having to commute to work

It´s time to ask yourself what kind of parent you would like to be.

It´s time to ask yourself what kind of parent you want your kids to remember when they get older.

It´s time to take action, to create a quality lifestyle for yourself. And most importantly, your family.

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