My journey towards the lifestyle of my dreams


Hello, I´m Anton Mattsson and I´m here to guide you towards the future and all the possibilities that an online business can create for you.

My guess is that you are here, trying to navigate your way through the endless amount of

information that the internet can give you. That can be a challenge, but also an opportunity that

knows no limits. But let me come back to this later!

My journey down this path comes down to a desire to create a better lifestyle for myself and my

family. Having recently become a dad, trying to combine it with working both evenings and

nights I came to the conclusion that there has to be a better way to combine these parts of my

life and still have a secure income.

Instead of just promising an easy way to a new life, I prefer to be brutally honest.

There are NO results guaranteed. But if you´re ready to commit yourself and work hard to learn

some new skills: Congratulations, you have come to the right place!

And by the way, who am I? Who is Anton Mattsson?

Born in 1990 in Sweden. Living here with my fiancée and daughter who is 7 months old.

The birth of our child is probably the biggest reason that I am here.

Even though I have always had a desire to be my own boss and have the geographical freedom

meaning I can work from anywhere in the world and whenever it suits me would be appealing..

Since becoming a dad, the most common question I ask myself is probably how I can be the

best possible dad and the most present one.

You see, a normal day for me used to be working from 11 pm to 6.30 am, coming home

exhausted from working the whole night. Saying good morning to my baby girl before going

to sleep myself until maybe 1 pm. After that start my preparation for job number 2, which

is really the one I feel most passionate about, which is as a football coach (for any american

might reading this, soccer). If I´m lucky, maybe spend a good hour with my daughter before

driving to practice at 4.30, beeing home 8.30 when she is asleep.

My conclusion from this was that I needed a change. And change is always scary.

But, as a father, missing important time with family was never an option good enough.

So, here I am now. Trying to create a better lifestyle for me and my family.

Starting from scratch, and not beeing at all gifted with digital skills, I have succesfully built my

own website through the step-by-step guidance from SFM. How much time and effort are you

willing to put in?

This is all about finding the right focuse, not about spending 24/7 doing this, rather prioritize the

quality of those hours you put in. And also by doing this on a regular basis - and best of all, on

your own terms and whenever and from wherever you choose to do it.

I would recommend you to rather put in 2-3 hours every day, than working 12 hours one day and

not continue working for a week. Little by little, day by day, you will get better and learn to

master the skills of digital marketing. The rest is up to you!

Good luck!